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Parents’ Evening 5th and 7th Nov

Don’t forget that next week we have parents’ evening on Monday from 3:30-6:00 and Wednesday 5:00 – 8:00.  Parents’ eveings are a great opportunity to find out how your children are settling into a new class/ Year group and how they are doing with their work.  It is also an opporuntiy for you to ask questions.

Each meeting is ten minutes long and out of consideration for other parents teachers must stick to that.  and so if you have any questions or concerns that need a long time to discuss then it is much better that you arrange a separate time to see your child’s teacher.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.


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Book Fair Competition

As last year, we have got five lovely £5 book vouchers to give away that children can spend at the book fair.  This year we would like the children to do something connected with the Hobbit.

Reception and KS1 children can design, draw and neatly label a character that they would like to read about in a magical story.  If they would like to take it further the children could write a short story that involves their magical character.

Children in Key Stage two can design, draw and write an extended character description of a character that would like to see in The Hobbit.  In their description the children need to consider appearance, powers and what their role in the story would be.  If they wanted to take it further they could also write a section of The Hobbit only with their character written into it.

Give it your best shot.  We will decide exactly how to award the prizes when the entries come in.

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Library Opening

We are having an official library opening next Monday (8.10.12) afternoon. The actual opening will happen at 2:30pm and you are very welcome to come along and get a cup of tea and biscuit!
If you would like to come in at 2:00 and read with your child in class then that would be lovely.
Sam Butler from the Sainsbury Trust will be officially opening the library and there will be a photographer.
You are very welcome.