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We previously discussed how, as a school, we are focussing on punctuation and also the difference between writer’s voice and speaker’s voice. In last week’s golden assembly we introduced a new set of certificates aimed at promoting the level of punctuation used in writing.

The criteria for the certificates are set out below and match the criteria on the punctuation triangle that we sent out two weeks ago. We have high aspirations of the children’s punctuation and so the children will need to achieve age related punctuation in order to qualify for certificates. Other punctuation related awards may be introduced at a later date.

For a wide range of grammar and punctuation games have a look at the following website:
Woodland Junior



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Water Workshops

Today we had a visit from Kate King from Severn Trent Water as part of our work on Healthy Schools Futures. She started the day with an assembly for all the children and then moved onto doing class workshops for Y2 upwards. The children enjoyed learning lots of interesting facts as well as thinking about the conservation of water at a local, national and international level. After their sessions the children were buzzing with ideas of how they might conserve water and the Eco- council will soon release some more information.


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Beech trip to Kemble Farms

Yesterday afternoon Beech Class enjoyed an excellent afternoon at the farm where they were able to find out more about the workings of the farm and about where our food comes from. They children did themselves proud with their enthusiasm, the questions that they asked and their behaviour. Thanks to all the parents who kindly offered lifts to the children.


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Don’t forget that as well as our fortnightly newsletters and our WordPress Blog we also have a twitter feed. We mainly use that for short, up to the minute, news items and so if you would like to follow us search for @kembleschool from within twitter and you’ll find us. If you are not sure about twitter then log onto the news page of the school website and you’ll find a live feed there.

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Tag Rugby 9th Nov

I would just like to say a massive well done to all the children who took part in the rugby competition at Deer Park yesterday. We took two teams of Kemble children and a mixed team of Siddington and Kemble. The children all played really well and did themselves proud with the amount of effort that they put in. There was also an excellent team spirit in all three teams.
Thanks to the parents who offered lifts and supported and to Mrs. Bate for organising the teams.


Kembleton team surging forward!


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Parents’ Evenings

Thanks for attending the parents’ evenings this week.  If you found that you were unable to make an appointment please could you see your child’s teacher (s) to arrange a convienient time?

I have asked teachers to chase up missed appointments and so if you were unable to make it to an appointment or didn’t make one then please expect a call from your child’s teacher.