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Chess Stars

The Gloucestershire Junior Championships were held on Saturday. Kemble School was represented by 3 boys, Oliver (under 11s), Thomas (under 10s) and Jonathan (under 7s). It was a challenging day with each player having 7 matches, played in a large hall under quite formal conditions. The children behaved perfectly and really enjoyed it; winning about half their matches and finishing about mid-way in each of the competitions.

This was good practice for our final match in the Cirencester competition which resulted in a victory over Powells by 3 and a half points to a half.   The win is a great achievement for all of the children, who have stuck with these matches really well, practised hard during club time and formed a great team. Overall the school finished 3rd in the league (a mere 1/2 point from 2nd place) and so won’t go through to the final, but they should be very proud of what they have done this year. Our final match this year will be against Cheltenham schools in June.

Yvonne Rees


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Netball Report from Yvonne Rees

Soooo… proud!!!!
The 14 Kemble pupils representing the school tonight were just fantastic! They have committed themselves to an intensive weeks training, listened and learned and put everything into practise. We really couldn’t have asked any more of them.

The rules of high 5 meant that everyone had to move positions for each game. Our aims were to have fun, and not get beaten too badly, so we mixed the teams up. It meant splitting up some natural partnerships, and children playing in positions they aren’t entirely comfortable with, but they all got on with it.

Our very first game was a great start to the tournament, with Kemble beating Watermoor 3-0. Fantastic work in the circle meant the ball hardly came down to the defence, but when it did, the rest of the team worked smoothly together and sent it straight back up the line. They even held their heads up against Powells A. In the other half of the draw, the Kemble team only lost one game and missed out on qualifying for the semi-finals by the narrowest of margins – 1 goal more against (if only that amazing JP goal had counted, we would have been through – still it’s a shot his mother and all watching won’t forget J). I can’t pick anyone out for special mention as there were great moments from all.

The closing words from Mrs Rogers before we went to the tournament were that we needed to enjoy it, but to fight for every ball. Good team talk – they really did take it to heart and played like Trojans contributing 110% and never giving up. The children should be immensely proud of what they achieved this last week, it shows what can happen if you set your mind to something, try your hardest and work as a team.

Lots of thanks – Mrs Turner for all the, often last minute, admin support, Mrs Rogers and Ms Evans, for working with Nicky and I this week to coach the kids, Vicky for the flapjacks (news which got the loudest cheer in the final practise) and to the parents excitedly supporting from the side. Please also thank the children for letting Nicky and I boss them around all week, particularly me with my rather over-used whistle, we have so enjoyed it!



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Lost and Found

This week we are taking World Book Day a little further and, as well as the usual WBD activities, which include our Book at Bedtime event, the children will be spending the whole week looking in detail at the book Lost and Found.

Lost and Found is a picture book by Oliver Jeffers and tells a wonderful story of a boy and a penguin. During the week the children will doing lots of super activities based around that book and maybe one or two of his other picture books too.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that the children produce. I hope that you might be able to share in the great work too by popping into the school hall on Friday after school. In the hall will be a display of the wonderful ‘Book on a Plate’ entries as well as a selection of the fantastic work that the children will produce this week.

As you know, we are always looking for ways to enrich and improve the children’s reading and this week is just one way that we are doing it. Don’t forget that the children in KS2 still have a month of Read for my School left which is a fantastic resource with a massive range of books. I have also just ordered another £250 worth of books for the library. Additionally, we have recently subscribed to a online reading experience for the children in KS2 which should be accessible soon. I will put more details in a newsletter when the resource is ready to roll out.

General reading advice…
If you would like more information on how we teach reading in school or with tips that you can use when reading with your child at home you can log into the pages on the school website and look at the curriculum pages. You can also see a teacher or even arrange to come in and watch a guided or one to one reading session.

There is also a wealth of information on the OUP website with great advice and also 250 free ebooks that are now tablet friendly.

More about Oliver Jeffers
If you visit Oliver’s website you will find some super information and also some of his fantastic artwork. Click here for his website.