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The Gloucestershire Junior Championships were held on Saturday. Kemble School was represented by 3 boys, Oliver (under 11s), Thomas (under 10s) and Jonathan (under 7s). It was a challenging day with each player having 7 matches, played in a large hall under quite formal conditions. The children behaved perfectly and really enjoyed it; winning about half their matches and finishing about mid-way in each of the competitions.

This was good practice for our final match in the Cirencester competition which resulted in a victory over Powells by 3 and a half points to a half.   The win is a great achievement for all of the children, who have stuck with these matches really well, practised hard during club time and formed a great team. Overall the school finished 3rd in the league (a mere 1/2 point from 2nd place) and so won’t go through to the final, but they should be very proud of what they have done this year. Our final match this year will be against Cheltenham schools in June.

Yvonne Rees


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