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Tuesday 27th January – Stackpole day 2

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Another great day today – the rain held off for most of it and we even had sunshine and a beautiful rainbow. The children all slept well and woke to enjoy a filling breakfast of cereal, toast, bacon and eggs. We then set off for our activities – orienteering and conservation work. After rolls, ham, cheese and salad we all set off to the beach to do some rock pooling. We collected a range of sea creatures including 6 crabs, a pipe fish and a blenny.

This evening’s meal was jacket potato, beans and cheese. This was followed by our nightline activity in the dark – the children will fill you in I’m sure!

All settling now, shattered after a full day.


One thought on “Tuesday 27th January – Stackpole day 2

  1. Glad you had another great day. From the photos it looks like you are all enjoying yourself! I recognise the places from my many visits to that area. Did the robins come and visit whilst you were sat having lunch?
    Have a fabulous day today looking forward to hearing all about it on your return.

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