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Read for my school

On Monday the children in Year 5 and 6 were given their usernames for Read for My School which is a challenge set by Pearson publishers. The idea is that children will read as many books as they can and the computer will keep a record of them. There are absolutely loads of books online for the children to read or download, and there is also a very comprehensive list of recommended reads.

I know that the children are all incredibly excited to read as many books as they can between now and March 21st. In school the teachers will keep a check to see how it’s going. If you would like any more information then click here


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Read Write Inc and Maths Passports

We have just added a few resources to our curriculum pages on the school website. On the reading page there are links to two great resources that Mrs. Newton put together for our Read Write Inc. curriculum evening.

On the maths page there are two links all about maths passports that the children are doing in school.

If you would like to know any more please pop in and ask.

Mr. Conners

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We previously discussed how, as a school, we are focussing on punctuation and also the difference between writer’s voice and speaker’s voice. In last week’s golden assembly we introduced a new set of certificates aimed at promoting the level of punctuation used in writing.

The criteria for the certificates are set out below and match the criteria on the punctuation triangle that we sent out two weeks ago. We have high aspirations of the children’s punctuation and so the children will need to achieve age related punctuation in order to qualify for certificates. Other punctuation related awards may be introduced at a later date.

For a wide range of grammar and punctuation games have a look at the following website:
Woodland Junior